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Electrical Installation of 0.4-10KV

-  0.4 kV installation of building management systems BMS.

- Laying air, air cable, and cable lines of 0.4-10kV.

- Installation of transformer and distribution points, electric panels, distribution cabinets, flat panel displays.

- Installation of external lighting power stations and illumination control systems.

- Installation of power, distribution, and groups of lightening networks.

- Installation, adjustment, and start- up of technological power equipment and automation.

- Installation of information transmission networks.

- Multi-purpose grounding circuit installations.

- Installation of Electric floor, drainpipe and gutter, heating, and fuel oil piping systems.

- Protection against lightning and installation of indoor surge.


Design works of:

- Indoor and outdoor electrical networks of 0.4kV.

-4-10kV transmission and distribution networks.

- Lightning protection and grounding.

- Relay protection.

- Protective fire alarm.

- Access control systems.

- Video systems.

- Intercom systems.

- Computer and telephone networks.

- Fibre- optics network.


Maintenance work of electrical economy

-Technical maintenance and repair of electrical installations of 0.4 and 35kV.

-Detection of the location and repair of the 0.4 and 10 kV voltage cable line fault.

-Fixed- term and open- ended contracts with companies to carry out the maintenance of the electrical economy.

-We perform post- warranty service of 0.4 and 10kV voltage electrical equipment.

-We provide technical advice.


Manufacturing and assembly of electrical panels

- Accounting- distribution cabinets.

- Power distribution cabinets.

- Automatic transfer input cabinets (ATI).

- Panels of structural input.

- Automatic capacitors of 0.4kV.

- Illumination control panels.